2018 Campaign Schedule

Primary Events

February 10
Annual Meeting
Amy’s Café, Falmouth VA

March 3
St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Alexandria, VA

April 6-8
Living History
"Register for Appomattox NPS Living History Weekend”
, Appomattox CH, VA

May 12
Spring Camp of Instruction ** New Recruits Welcome**
Bristoe Station Battlefield Park, Dumfries, VA
** Original 28th Mass Battle and Battlefield**

June 29 - July1
Living History
“In the Footsteps of the 147th NY” (Details TBD)
, Gettysburg NMP, Gettysburg, PA

September 8-9
Living History
“Yankees in Falmouth”, Falmouth, VA

October 13-14
** 3d USV Primary Event**
Living History & Skirmish
" 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Bristoe Station, Dumfries, VA
** Original 28th Mass Battle and Battlefield**

November 3-4
Battle Tactical
32nd Annual Fort Branch Reenactment, Hamilton, NC

December 9
Living History
March of the Irish Brigade NPS Event -156th Anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg, VA
** Original 28th Mass Battle and Battlefield**

Secondary Events

April 28-29
Living History
Historic Blenheim & Civil War Interpretive Center , Fairfax, VA
Company B lead – Pat O’Neill

Living History
Cherry Hill Civil War Day, Falls Church, VA
Company B lead – John Tuohy

June 9
Living History
Civil War Camp Day, Fort Ward Park and Museum, Alexandria, VA
Company B lead – Joe Pankey

August 11
Period Dinner
The Historic Foodie's Summer Feast, Reston, VA
Company B lead – Elaine Kessinger

November 17
Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, PA
Company B lead – Joe Pankey

December 1-2
Living History
Captain Flagg's US Quartermaster City: Prospects of Peace 1864, Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, Harpers Ferry WV
Company B leads – Audrey Scanlan-Teller and Tracey McIntire

December 8
4th Annual Regimental Dinner/Dining Out
157th Anniversary of the Regiment entering Federal Service
Amy’s Café, Falmouth VA
Company B lead – J. Lynes